Hello, and welcome to my big happy mess of a life.

Having A Clean Home When You Hate Cleaning

I haven’t met a single person in my life who actually likes cleaning. Sure, we all like to have a clean home, but when you have kids and pets it feels like a losing battle. I used to dread coming home after work because I knew that the entire house would be a mess.

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This Pet hair Is Out Of Control

I've been going a bit crazy lately trying to keep up with my dogs pet hair, and now that the seasons are changing again it's just going to get worse as they grow in their heavy winter coats.

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Packing For The Beach

Well, chilly weather has finally descended upon New York City this week. I know, I knowits the second week of February and weve had such a mild winter. A little cold weather was bound to show up at some point. And, just in time for the cold weather, I am headed to the beach for a week!

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The Joy Of Imperfection

No updates on the apartment decorating project as of yet. I am still wrestling with a wallpaper situation that I need to get under control before I share photos with you. And, when I say situation what I really mean is horrific DIY project that I foolishly embarked upon and now must finish as I'm past the point of no return. Theres a really good chance that this project may break me, Im not going to lie.

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7 Ways To Keep Your Home Safe For Your Kids

There's a lot that can happen around the home in an instant. I was recently reminded of this when we had new granite countertops installed in our kitchen when I realized just how much harder these were than our old plastic laminate. They seem like an accident waiting to happen for a fast moving childs head. It's not something we considered when we were pricing them

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Facebook Yard Sale Sites Are Worse Than Walmart

Have you visited any of these groups that are popping up on Facebook? I swear we’re this close to having a “People of Facebook Yardsale Sites” website pop up!

In our area they are plentiful, there is at least one for each specific city, and then there are other groups for counties, general areas, you name it! My husband and I both joined a few when they started popping up because they seemed like a great place to find good deals. We’re not very good at the whole yard sale thing, we never seem to find anything and frankly the crazy crowds make me, well, crazy. So this seemed like a perfect solution…wrong!

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20 Things We Need To Stop Saying To Parents Of ADHD Children

This is not just about ADHD. It’s not just about children who don’t fit into some predetermined mold. It’s about us, as mothers, supporting one another as mothers.

It’s about having each other’s back and realizing that each child was given a unique mother for a very good reason. None of us received the children we did from God by accident. We have exactly the right children. Maybe we need to learn from them, or maybe they need to learn from us, or more likely we are learning from each other.

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Motherhood Is An Extreme Sport

It occurred to me this morning as I, once again, broke a sweat just trying to wrangle my two kids out the door so they could get the kids school on time that motherhood is an extreme sport.

I know that the Olympics are behind us for this year, and like you I’m more than ready to move on from the talk of elite athletes and dedication to training routines. But, I do think we’ve overlooked the incredible agility, athleticism, and dedication that mothers exhibit on a daily basis. That’s okay though because really, motherhood is much more X-Games, than it is the stately and prestigious Olympics anyway. Or maybe even one of those made up sporting events you’ll catch on Cable TV at 3 a.m. when you’re awake…for absolutely no reason.

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