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Facebook Yard Sale Sites Are Worse Than Walmart

Have you visited any of these groups that are popping up on Facebook? I swear we’re this close to having a “People of Facebook Yardsale Sites” website pop up!

In our area they are plentiful, there is at least one for each specific city, and then there are other groups for counties, general areas, you name it! My husband and I both joined a few when they started popping up because they seemed like a great place to find good deals. We’re not very good at the whole yard sale thing, we never seem to find anything and frankly the crazy crowds make me, well, crazy. So this seemed like a perfect solution…wrong!

It’s like the worst of Walmart, combined with the worst of Facebook all in one place. People posting to give away their pets, people posting asking random strangers for home day care recommendations, people posting to sell guns…yes, guns! I was convinced this wasn’t going to be legal the first time I saw it, so I asked my husband and turns out that it is for certain gun types. Well, that certain seems legit, and you know, safe?! WHAT??!

I have seen people posting to sell baby formula and other people posting asking for baby formula because they can’t afford to buy it and WIC ran out before they got their weekly supply. I can definitely sympathize with someone not being able to financially buy formula–that sh!t is expensive–but to honestly consider recycling the stuff is beyond comprehension?!

My blogging buddy/inspiration Crystal over at Mommifried said recently that “Facebook makes us look like brainless sea monkeys“. I agree. I think that the yardsale groups are taking it about 150 steps further so whatever is less intelligent than brainless sea monkeys, that’s who is hanging out in those groups!

Actual posts I have seen in the last few weeks include:

Does anyone have any baby formula they’re getting rid of? ‘Cause WIC ran out and I don’t have the money to buy it. Thx

Does anyone know anyplace that’s hiring? I really need to find a job. I don’t really have, you know, any experience, or skills but I need to make at least $20 an hour. Thx.

Is anyone looking to babysit this weekend? My baby daddy and I really need a night out!

Hey, I don’t know if this is allowed here so if not feel free to delete it, but I wanted to let you know I just started selling XYZ (candles, scentsy, mary kay, avon, you name it!) so HMU if you’re interested.

This doesn’t even brush the surface…the ISO posts are the worst. If you don’t know the lingo, ISO = In Search Of. For some reason these folks seem to think that posting ISO in a Facebook yardsale group full of total strangers is MORE likely to find them what they want than, oh I don’t know, maybe asking real life people they see, or their personal Facebook friends, or (radical idea here) even doing a straight up Google search!

If you haven’t experienced these groups I encourage you to stay away, far-far-far away! Unless you enjoy hanging out at Walmart, in Redneckville USA. In that case you should totally join!

Now I'm sure some people have had a pleasant experience in the groups and maybe each towns is different. So if you're going to make the leap here's a well written guide to navigating them that includes an an explanation of some of the most popular acronyms.