Hello, and welcome to my big happy mess of a life.

The Joy Of Imperfection

No updates on the apartment decorating project as of yet. I am still wrestling with a wallpaper situation that I need to get under control before I share photos with you. And, when I say situation what I really mean is horrific DIY project that I foolishly embarked upon and now must finish as I'm past the point of no return. Theres a really good chance that this project may break me, Im not going to lie.

The the kitchen renovation planning is coming along nicely. During one of the many trips to Lowe's for the wallpaper project I found myself staring at the board of Lowe's kitchen counters and they have there and they sure do have a lot of them. Right now Silestone is on sale for 10% from color groups C and D. I really like the blue sahara color so I'm hoping that one is included. Next time I'm there, which at this rate will be within the hour, I'll find out for sure.

A couple posts ago, I shared how I had been challenged to share more of my drawings and doodles. I also mentioned that this was a tough thing for me as I didnt like to put stuff out there if it wasnt perfect, and my quick doodles are not perfect. However, Ive been pushing through this fear and sharing more of my doodles on instagram. I have to admit, its been a stretch for me to share some of these doodles but doing so has stretched me in a really great way. First of all, people are responding to my work in such a positive way. I am being encouraged and supported. My Love Language is Words of Affirmation in a BIG way, so being affirmed has given me new energy to try new things with my drawing and to not be afraid to share. Second, I am seeing that there is great joy in imperfection. My drawings could always use more time, more attention, justmore. But not worrying about perfection has allowed me to share them. SO many times in the past, I have kept something to myself because it wasnt perfect enough. There have been many missed opportunities because I have waited to things to be perfect before taking a leap. In a very small way, sharing my doodles on instagram has made me realize that there is freedom in not worrying about perfection and, in fact, realizing that perfection doesnt really exist.

The drawing above, interestingly enough, is one of the quickest Ive ever done. I was on a phone call and, as always, I was doodling. I probably sketched this hastily in under a minute. I shared it on instagram and it, by far, has been a favorite of my instagram followers. Its so imperfect and yet, somehow, it created delight for many. By creating delight for others, I am also experiencing delight and joy. And it has nothing to do with perfection.

This lesson for me has extended far past doodles on instragram, too. I have been considering what other areas of my life are being held back because I am waiting for a perfect moment, a perfect this or a perfect that. What am I delaying or avoiding or putting off until tomorrow that could cause me or others around me to experience joy today?

Maybe you have wrestled with the same thing at some point. I know Im not the only one who struggles with the perfection problem. May I encourage you to start small? May I encourage you to not wait too long for a perfect moment, because perfection is kind of a myth?

I wonder what we could each do if we werent so worried about perfection?